Our mission is to find, map, photograph and catalogue every stinkpipe in the Greater London area, though out of London is welcome too. Please send your stinkpipe pics here or to stinkpipes@gmail.com Twitter: @stinkpipes Holder of 6Music's Geek of the Week accolade, 1st October 2011

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Stinkpipe Map

Further to my revelation over the weekend, I have now fixed by GPS the position of several stinkpipes in the Welling, Wickham, Plumstead area. The fruits of my work can be seen on this map.

Another success, the previously mentioned stinkpipe near Blackheath station has now been located using Google Streetview. This is good use of technology allowing me to remote-view Stinkpipes anywhere in London!

 The Blackheath stinkpipe turns out to be a fairly mediocre Ham Baker design, in rather poor condition. Of course, a trip out to view the actual object will still be necessary. It might be a rare variation with slightly different designs. Unlikely though.

If you wish to contribute to the map, then continue to send sightings in to me in the traditional manner, email, Twitter, via the Blog, or even on Facebook (more on this later).
But if you want to be really fancy pants then you can locate it on your smartphone using footprints or a similar app, and then send me the data file as an attachment, to stinkpipes@gmail.com
I shall be eternally grateful!


  1. Hi, I'm Paul Dobraszczyk, working on a 2-yr research project on ornamental cast iron in the Victorian period. I came across this outrageously ornate lamp/ventilation shaft that used to be in Southwark Street. I've described it here:

    Great project by the way!

  2. Thanks, Paul. Hope you don't mind if I post some of that up in the enxt week or two.