Our mission is to find, map, photograph and catalogue every stinkpipe in the Greater London area, though out of London is welcome too. Please send your stinkpipe pics here or to stinkpipes@gmail.com Twitter: @stinkpipes Holder of 6Music's Geek of the Week accolade, 1st October 2011

Wednesday, 3 April 2013


I'm just picking things up again after a sizeable break, mainly due to work and awful weather!!

The weather is still awful but fortunately work has relented a little bit.

I am in the process of setting up a website to house all things stinky pipe - following on from the aborted attempt about a year ago. I also have a MASSIVE database of stinkpipes I need to add to the map - it will probably take all year. Will also try to visit as many of those stinkpipes as I cna through the year - and add to the database as I go along. I will also look for a way to publish the database on the net so all stinkpipe fans can get stuck in too.

Also have a backlog of correspondence to get through - I thank you for your patience - all input is deeply appreciated and will be acknowledged. Eventually.

The blog will keep rolling on for the forseeable future as I find it useful to mark my sporadic progress and to show fairly instantly, anything new or interesting I discover.

I will also be looking for  way of embedding my interactive map - I have no flipping idea how to do it. Previous attempts have all failed!

Sunday, 31 March 2013

The 2013 stinkpipe hunting season begins

I've been out on my bike, with my stinkpipe collecting kit, and have come back mainly with ones I already knew about but had, oddly, disappeared into the nether region of time gone past.

I managed to delete a sizeable portion of my stinkpipe archive a couple of years back and memory also seems to dump stuff it deems unimportant. Stinkpipes unimportant. As if!!

Avery Hill Road
So to get back into the swing of it, and because it was a rare sunny day, I cycled around my locality to mop up a few stragglers, and to update a few that I hadn't seen in about 7 or 8 years. Blimey, has it been that long?

Here's my new pics - click on the link to be whisked off to my Picasa albums

New Eltham
in New Eltham I rounded up aone I'd seen on my travels, on Avery Hill road; and discovered an entirely new one on Leysdown Road.

In Mottingham I rephotographed the one by the BP garage, and Court Farm Lane, and for the first time, the three on Dunkery Road.

Revisited the Kings Avenue pipe, to see it has been repainted. I think it used to be white.

photographed all the Catford High Street pipes for the first time (below). The old photos were quite poor, taken from a car I believe. this time I got up close. Also found three entirely new ones, including a type of Ham Baker never seen before. a sort of missing link of stinkpipe evolution!

another one I'd sen but never photographed, In the middle of a short stretch of busy dual carriageway. It's of a design I've never seen before (right).

Three I pass regularly but have never stopped to photograph - nothing stunning, except that one appears to be half buried in the pavement!



Sunday, 13 January 2013

We're Back

Contrary to rumours, I have not died or lost interest. I've been off exploring. This post will shortly be my stinkpipe update entry for Janaury 2013....

....watch this space!!

On a blog called Teakay's Blog - there have been sitings as far abroad as Kettering:

What on earth is a stinkpipe? 
"I've learnt something new, and it's not that I can't take a decent photograph to save my life.
I'm trying to lose weight, and part of this is going for a brisk walk a few times a week. My standard route takes me around the town in which I live and, after having walked and driven past something numerous times in the last five years I finally noticed it.
The photograph to the left shows what I noticed. At ground level it disguises itself as a lamppost, if a rusty-green, old-style variety. With so many posts of different kinds it's difficult to miss something that's a bit different, but notice it I did. I took a photograph of it at the time, too: you can see it and the resultant conversation (including druids and aliens) on my G+ post here.
I figured that, looking like a rusty-green, old-style lamp post, it was just a rusty-green, old-style lamp post. But as someone who just can't help looking up, I did just that and saw that its top end just didn't swing with that particular hypothesis."

subsequent convo

another convo - this one on Haringey online

and a little historical tour, includes a stinkpipe - a place called Somerton...