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Saturday, 17 December 2011

River Quaggy & apology

Various factors including a knee injury, pressure of work, etc, have prevented me from pursuing stinkpipes during the last few months.
I have a few different bits of London to visit including Clapham, Chiswick, Hampstead. And I still have archived sightings to place on the map. All this should happen over Xmas as I have many many days off work with little else to do, apart from my tax return. so as a displacement activity expect the Stinkpipes site to update rapdily before the end of January.

In the meantime, although not strictly stinkpipes, I do consider exporation of London's lost or hidden water-ways to be well within our remit. So here's an interesting video.

From the youTube site:

Internal Networkz is the first in a series of video documentaries exploring the capitols connecting wild corridors, such as its rivers and train lines. In this first volume, the viewer comes with us on a journey as we explore the path of the river Quaggy. We pick up the route at its end, where it flows into the River Ravensbourne at Lewisham Train Station. We follow it where it passes underground at the police station and on, through suburban parks and the backs of houses through south east london. 
Unknown to us at the time, as we traveled up river, riots came to the streets of Lewisham. We keep to the river and slip through the world above us unnoticed. 
We explore and study the secret markings left under bridges. We look for links and clues of London's underground legends and mythologies. In particular, for traces of 'The Lewisham Natureman', a mysterious character from South East London 'Graff' folklore. He has never been seen and only appears through the tiny symbol [often carved] which can be found in the wild corners and corridors of the capitol, mainly in Lewisham and her surrounding boroughs. The symbol is that of a crown, formed from a circle of figures holding hands [like the crown used in the logo of Lewisham borough] , with a single dandelion growing through it. 
Some say he is not a man at all but some kind of spirit of nature. A contemporary, urban Green Man or Herne, who walks in these wild places where the weeds grow. 

The small tag has also been linked to another figure in local street folklore; Solomon Wild. 
Solomon is believed to be some kind of urban explorer / amateur scientist of London's wild cracks, he is thought to be conducting a ongoing study into The Lewisham Natureman legend. But some believe the two are in fact the same person and Solomon is the one leaving these tags. Either in attempt to propagate the myth, keeping it alive and fake his own results. Another version describes Solomon as not a scientist but as a vagrant herbalist and shaman, who uses these places to rest and grown his herbs and food. The hidden tag is said to be a simple and discreet 'i was here' message to his friends and those who know where to look. 

There are many legends on the underground.