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Monday, 23 April 2012

I Am Not A Number

 This is a first. A stinkpipe with a number! See the photo below. I don't think I missed numbers on previous ones, but maybe i did.

Has anyone else seen a stinkpipe with a number on it?
embossed number 99 / 0165

A Seriously Neglected Ham Baker

What makes this discovery even more remarkable, in my opinion, is that I have been cycling past it for over three years and only today noticed it. But it is true to say that stinkpipes can remain unseen until they want to be discovered. And this one really bided its time!

Sunday, 1 April 2012

March Roundup & Update

Hello to all stinkpipe appreciators!

An unusual one to start. Here's a band in the United Sates called Stinkpipe. what a brilliant name for a band!

Nothing to with the subject at hand, mind you, so I shall continue.

And on March 25th friend of this blog, "Anomalies of Lost Street Furniture" blogged about a big old stinkpipe she found on Bellenden Road. It looks very much like a J.Stone & Co to me. all in orginal condition - more pics if you click the link above.

Source: anomalies of lost street furniture