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Monday, 3 October 2011

Free Android App Is Useful Shock Horror!

Ovr the weekend I remembered an app that came with my smartphone earlier in the year. It's called "footprints" and allows you to take a snap of a thing which is then mapped using Google Maps. I thought it was utterly useless at the time, and merely used it to find out the geo coordinates of a couple of well known London landmarks not because I needed to, but because I could.

Then over the weekend I had a flash of inspiration, perhaps much like St Paul on his way to Damascus, though not so traumatic.

I could use this Footprints app to locate stinkpipes. The idea is just so simple.

So today I'm disapointed to see that you cannot then access this info on a computer; but there is an export button, so presumably I can get those coordinates off the phone and onto a digital map.

Well watch this space - I mapped three stinkpipes this morning, unfortunately missed one - you try snapping stinkpipes from a fast moving bus!!

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