Our mission is to find, map, photograph and catalogue every stinkpipe in the Greater London area, though out of London is welcome too. Please send your stinkpipe pics here or to stinkpipes@gmail.com Twitter: @stinkpipes Holder of 6Music's Geek of the Week accolade, 1st October 2011

Thursday, 6 October 2011


I have about 30 stinkpipes mapped, which is almost insignificant. There are 158 in Lambeth alone, apparently. So I realise it's time to get out there and start searching. The best way to do this is on a bike, and so I'll be slipping on the lycra and peddling off around Bromley & Bexley this Sunday, hoping to find undiscovered gems.
Lambeth will have to wait for another day unfortunately.
I still have loads in the archive to map, but it might genuinely be quicker to start from fresh - I have an idea where there are many to be found, eg, around shooters hill to Plumstead there's a little cluster of them, still unmapped.
People do look at me a bit funny while I'm photographing the stinkpipes, but I try to look all municipal and official as if I might be a surveyor - it's the look I adopt at work and it usually works.

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