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Saturday, 1 October 2011

Correspondence: Chiswick Stink-pipes

It's always nice to get mail. In the week we received this from Sarah, who also very kindly attached a few photographs she took of the stink-pipes in question. I've included them below:

Dear Stinkpipes,

I attach pictures of two stinkpipes found along the river in the vicinity of the Chiswick Eyot, between Hammersmith and Barnes.

The first pipe (A) is found at the intersection of Hammersmith Terrace / Chiswick Mall /Eyot Gardens.
The second (B) is further west on Chiswick Mall and seem to be located in one of the riverside gardens, so only its top is easily visible.

I would also like to give you my heartfelt thanks, having spent long hours (ok, minutes) conversing with various acquaintances about the possible purposes of the 'fat lamppost' I'd passed. On the night I saw your presence on twitter I was all set out to go out and stick a post-it note on aforesaid pipe reading "please, what is this for?" before you enlightened me.
Best wishes etc.

Stinkpipe A (base)

Stinkpipe A (base)

Stinkpipe A

Stinkpipe A

Stinkpipe B
This looks to be a pretty fine specimen with all original pipe and connections from the base to the crown. although it does look to be in need of some loving care and attention. SP B here is not the first I've come across in a private garden. Yes it does make life a little difficult for London Stinkpipes. One day we're just going to have go a house-calling!

Thankyou Sarah, I hope that's not the last we hear from you.


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