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Saturday, 7 January 2012

Stinkpipe Round-up: January

I'm thinking of making this a regular monthly feature, assuming there continues to be plenty of material....

Thames Water made more than a passing reference to Victorian stinkpipes on its website

"On his way back from the Boat Race in Chiswick, the Head of London Tideway Tunnels spotted the original feature (pictured), now shrouded by a tree, close to the Hounslow/Hammersmith border.
Unlike the ones being designed to ensure that air can flow through the proposed Thames Tunnel, the Victorians’ structures did not include any odour control equipment."

I found this on here - an online photo archive
It's in North Finchley....

Horsham Avenue, N12

These surfaced on the Geograph website

a cluster of Adams Hydraulics in Ireland

In Fulham on the A3219 / Dawes Road

In Leamington Spa:

Leamington Spa

a stinkpipes in Kent discussion here

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