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Sunday, 13 January 2013

We're Back

Contrary to rumours, I have not died or lost interest. I've been off exploring. This post will shortly be my stinkpipe update entry for Janaury 2013....

....watch this space!!

On a blog called Teakay's Blog - there have been sitings as far abroad as Kettering:

What on earth is a stinkpipe? 
"I've learnt something new, and it's not that I can't take a decent photograph to save my life.
I'm trying to lose weight, and part of this is going for a brisk walk a few times a week. My standard route takes me around the town in which I live and, after having walked and driven past something numerous times in the last five years I finally noticed it.
The photograph to the left shows what I noticed. At ground level it disguises itself as a lamppost, if a rusty-green, old-style variety. With so many posts of different kinds it's difficult to miss something that's a bit different, but notice it I did. I took a photograph of it at the time, too: you can see it and the resultant conversation (including druids and aliens) on my G+ post here.
I figured that, looking like a rusty-green, old-style lamp post, it was just a rusty-green, old-style lamp post. But as someone who just can't help looking up, I did just that and saw that its top end just didn't swing with that particular hypothesis."

subsequent convo

another convo - this one on Haringey online

and a little historical tour, includes a stinkpipe - a place called Somerton...